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VPS™3000 Variable Profile Subsoiler™

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In keeping with its retutation as a leader and innovator in the agricultural industry, Sukup Manufacturing Company introduces its newest product...the VPS™3000 Variable Profile Subsoiler™.

The VPS™3000 is designed for deep tillage to break up hardpan to allow water to reach the root zone. The special shank angle and design prevent clodding and leave the maximum amount of residue on the surface.

VPS™ Shanks

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Patented point and wing system provides maximum soil density reduction with minimum siol surface distubance.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The wing is removable for inter-row subsoiling in standing crops.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Heavier points have a longer, wider wing area for better soil lifting, and are held on with two roll pins.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The shin guard upper retainer is reversible for longer life.


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Inter-row Point

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Deep-till Point

VPS™3000 Specifications

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) High tool bar clearance.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Heavy-duty machine frame design

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Close coupled heavy-duty three point hitch.

Category 2 with quick coupler

Category 3 or 3N with or without quick coupler

Category 4N with quick coupler

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Heavy 7" x 7" x 3/8" wall tool bar frame.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) In-line shanks are 1 1/4" x 8" high carbon steel.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Completely flexible row-width adjustable.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Models available with 7 or 9 shanks in 16.5' or 21.5' widths.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Optional 22" notched coulters.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Alloy points and shin guards.

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