The Sukup Sweepway Power Sweep grain bin unloading system is the ultimate in bin unloading with the highest unloading rates in the industry and quality construction.

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Sukup Sweepway™ - The Fastest, Easiest Way to Unload Grain

Sukup offers a full line of unloading equipment designed to unload your bin quickly and easily, with the fastest unloading rates in the industry.

The Ultimate in Bin Unloading

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The Sweepway™ is permanently installed in the bin for easier operation.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Sukup's unloading rates are the highest in the industry.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The Sweepway™ saves time and labor. The Sweepway™ advances into the grain, removing it without back-breaking scooping.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Sukup vertical augers feature double flighting at the bottom to pick up grain from the unload tube faster to increase capacity without the necessity of using a larger diameter vertical tube.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The vertical auger turns faster than the horizontal unload auger to move grain up and out more quickly.

Safe Operation

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) All controls are located outside the bin, so there's no need to enter the bin during unloading.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Bin Sweep Stop allows only one revolution of the auger.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Special design prevents opening the intermediate sumps without opening the center sump to protect the sidewalls from uneven unloading.

Top Quality Construction

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The upper and lower gearboxes are offset to provide a larger opening for the grain to flow.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The unload flighting extends past the bin center to maximize capacity.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The heavy-duty clutch enables the unload auger to operate without the power sweep, so you can use gravity to unload before the Power Sweep takes over and finishes the job.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Exclusive reduction drive wheel (4 to 1 ratio) decreases drive wheel speed to reduce slippage and prolong wheel life.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Sweepway™ Power Sweeps are built to last with 7 gauge flighting standard.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Split backboard on 42' and larger units reduces sidewall stress during unloading.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Sealed roller bearings are standard on the center sump (optional on intermediate wells).

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Rock-solid motor mount allows you to easily move one motor to different powerheads.

Easy to Install and Service

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) Intermediate sumps are welded to the unload tube at the factory, so there's no assembly necessary.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The exclusive design of Sukup Unloading Systems allows you to pull the flighting without removing the powerhead, even on a vertical boot, so Sukup units are easy to service.

web_bullet.jpg (904 bytes) The powerhead design makes belt adjustments easy, too. A hinge on the powerhead allows the belt to be tightened by simply turning one bolt.

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