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Sukup Manufacturing Co. is committed to providing products that can be used safely throughout the product's lifetime, but ultimately, safe operation is up to you. Please keep these simple precautions in mind, especially for your children.

Follow machine safety signs and messages

Observe safe operating practices. Carefully read all equipment manuals and all safety signs. Safety signs and decals must be kept in good condition.

Replace all missing shields and/or warning decals immediately. Replacement safety shields and warning decals for Sukup equipment are available free of charge from Sukup Manufacturing Company. Write to Sukup Manufacturing Company, P.O. Box 677, Sheffield, Iowa 50475-0677 or email us at

Learn how to use the controls and operate equipment properly. Do not let anyone (especially children) operate equipment without thorough training of the basic operations of the machine and safety procedures.

Make no unauthorized modifications to the machine. Modifications may endanger the function and/or safety of the unit. Periodically check all mechanical and electrical components. Keep all equipment in good working condition.

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Grain Bin Safety Precautions

For more information on farm equipment safety, contact Sukup Manufacturing Company.


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