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The Sukup 4200 Lightweight Cultivator is specially made for moderate residue conservation tillage.

The main features of the Sukup 4200 include:

Exclusive, patented wrenchless adjustments.

Strong, lightweight design.

Replaceable point and share arrangement, which minimizes soil disturbance.

The 4200 is built for speed and endurance.

The Sukup 4200 is lightweight, yet tough, and built for speed. Everything about the 4200 is fast -- from the depth adjustments to the speeds at which you can travel through the field.

The patented depth adjustments on the 4200 are made using the same exclusive wrenchless adjustments that have made the Sukup 9400 so popular. All depth adjustments are made using the adjustment tool that comes standard with any 4200 Cultivator.

The replaceable point and share arrangement provides excellent penetration, while, at the same time, creating less soil disturbance. And, since this design reduces soil disturbance and slabbing, even at high speeds, the need for shields is virtually eliminated in most situations.

The toolbar on the 4200 is a heavy-duty 7" x 7", with a double toolbar providing maximum strength and support for 12-row wide through 16-row narrow models. Parallel linkage allows the gangs to float to meet field contours. The parallel linkage is attached to the toolbar using a self-aligning V-bolt, which holds the gang straight and prevents it from twisting under the strain of tough soil conditions.

The Sukup 4200 is available in a wide range of sizes, from 4-row models to 16-row models, with row spacings from 20" to 40". A variety of share sizes from 10" to 27" are also available. For high residue conditions, check out the Sukup 9400 High Speed Precision Cultivator.

Sukup Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business and has been serving the agricultural market for over 35 years. The corporate offices and main manufacturing plant are located in Sheffield, Iowa. The complete line of Sukup Cultivators, as well as their guidance system and grain handling and drying equipment lines, are manufactured at the Sheffield location.

Sukup has six distribution centers located across the United States in order to better serve their customers. The warehouses are located in Arcola, Illinois; Aurora, Nebraska; Defiance, Ohio; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Watertown, South Dakota and Kansas City, Missouri.

For more information on the Sukup 4200 Cultivator, or any other Sukup products, contact: Sukup Manufacturing Company, P.O. Box 677, 1555 255th St, Sheffield, Iowa 50475-0677. Phone: 515-892-4222. Fax: 515-892-4629. Email:

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