Sukup Perforated Bin Floors are available in 18 and 20 ga., with two perforation sizes for different size grains.

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The Perfect Perforation

Sukup perforated floors have the perfect perforation for grain drying applications.

Clear Holes Make A Better Floor

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The clear punched holes provide ample open area for maximum airflow.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The smooth perforations form an ideal surface for easy sweeping and clean-up.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Sukup perforated floors are available with either the standard 0.0945" diameter holes or 0.05" diameter holes, which are ideal for canola and other very small grains.

Sukup Floors Are Extra Strong

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Sukup perforated planks are crowned for added strength.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The corrugation on Sukup planks extends completely across the width of each plank for greater strength. This gives up to 80% more strength than floors where the corrugation stops short.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Perforated floors may be supported by Sukup Z-Post™ Supports, Super Supports™ or Handy Stands™.


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