Sukup offers a full line of grain drills for conventional and no-till fields, as well as seeders for landscaping, roadside use and planting wild game food plots.

Sukup - The Emerging Winner

Sukup Grain Drills and accessories are built to the same high standards as the other products in the Sukup line. And, each and every model is loaded with features that make Sukup the Emerging Winner among grain drills.

2050 Series Drills

Wild Game Food Plot Planter

Opener Assemblies
and Seed Meters

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Landscape Seeder

230 Opener Drills

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Grain Drill Set-Up Tips

2050 Series Drills

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Sukup is the Emerging Winner among grain drills. And, we continually strive to make them even better.

Universal mounting bracket, for conventional row units, locks securely onto the mounting bar.
Exclusive, improved T-handle adjustments make adjusting the press wheels for positive depth control a breeze. The adjustments are quick and easy with nothing to seize up or rust. The T-handle positive adjustment system with staggered holes makes for easy alignment of all openers, so there's no guessing as on threaded depth systems.

Sukup seed hoppers have been raised 6" to allow easy access to the row units.
Seed meters can be set easily with one calibrated lever, saving you time and ensuring consistent seeding rates across the entire unit.

Sukup Openers -- The Emerging Difference

In order to ensure early emergence of your crop, you need to be sure that the seed is being placed into the optimum seedbed. That's why Sukup Grain Drill openers are designed and built to put the seed precisely where it belongs, acre after acre.

Sukup opener blades form a mini seedbed to allow proper germination of the seed. The Marliss seed delivery system then deposits the seed into the moist, fertile soil.

Sukup was the first company to make a metal seed tube that extends to the bottom of the double disc openers. This design eliminates free fall and bounce and places the seed precisely and consistently into the newly formed seedbed.

To make them extra-durable, the opener frames on Sukup drills are one-piece, fully-welded steel, rather than formed sheet metal or cast aluminum.


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Sukup openers also feature improved, exclusive, quick adjust press wheel adjustments. With the quick-adjust T-handle system, you simply pull on the T-handle, move it up or down to the proper position, and push the T-handle back in. With this simple system, there are no parts or mechanisms to rust or seize up.


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