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The Sukup Landscape Seeder is designed from the ground up to establish lush grass stands in all types of conditions.

One Unit, Many Uses

The Sukup Landspace Seeder is the ideal unit for seeding golf courses, sod farms and for residential and commercial landscaping. No matter what the soil conditions or terrain, the Sukup Landscape Seeder can produce a lush, green carpet.


Prepare the Proper Growing Conditions

The star wheels located at the front of the Sukup Landscape Seeder condition the soil to make a fresh bed for the seed. A 20" wire basket at the rear of the unit firms the soil to improve soil to seed contact. Both processes work to produce the ideal environment for seed growth.

Made For the Special Requirements of Landscaping

The 1.25 bushel capacity hopper is large enough to handle most landscaping jobs, but the entire unit is compact enough for the lift capacity of small tractors. The compact design also makes it easy to maneuver.
The special grass seed meter on the Sukup Landscape Seeder keeps the seed loose and flowing and meters just the right amount of seed out to the scatter pan for even seed distribution.

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