The Sukup implement line includes cultivators, guidance systems, flail shredders, subsoilers, and grain drills.

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Sukup Manufacturing Company is family-owned and has been serving the agricutural community since 1963. Over the years, Sukup has evolved from manufacturing one product -- the stirring machine -- into manufacturing a full line of grain handling and drying products, as well as a continually expanding field equipment line.

Throughout the years, Sukup has held onto our basic philosophy of providing a top quality product at an economical price to give the most value for the customer's money. Sukup has also held on to its rural community and family roots. During a time of corporate mergers, take-overs and huge conglomerate agricultural manufacturers, Sukup remains a family-owned company. You can rest assured that the Sukup family will be here to serve you for years to come.

The Sukup Field Equipment line includes five models of cultivators, two styles of guidance systems, two flail shredder models, the Variable Profile Subsoiler and a complete line of grain drills and accessories. The Sukup Field Equipment line is continually expanding and advancing. The innovative 9400 is proof positive that Sukup is on the leading edge of conservation tillage equipment. No other cultivator makes it so easy to adapt to the challenges and varying conditions of conservation tillage.

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Sukup VPS3000 Variable Profile Subsoiler
The newest product from Sukup Manufacturing Company

9400 High Speed Cultivator

9400 Cotton Cultivator

9400 Tobacco Cultivator

9420 Narrow Row Cultivator

Flail Shredder

230 Openers

Guidance Systems

4200 Cultivator

2050 Grain Drill Landscape Seeder Wild Game Food Plot Planter

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Grain Drill Set-Up Tips

Sukup 9400 (9420) Cultivator Initial Settings

Sukup Auto Guide Set-Up Tips

Sukup Slide Guide Set-Up Tips

Sukup Guidance System Troubleshooting


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9400 High Speed Cultivator

The Sukup 9400 Cultivator is the cultivator for conservation tillage.

The 9400 is designed to minimize soil disturbance and leave the maximum amount of crop residue on the surface.
The tall, narrow shank design allows trash to flow through without plugging.
Notice the distance between the top of the share and the bolts on the shank. The large distance means there are no bolts in the cultivating area to snag trash.
The special design of the 9400 also virtually eliminates slabbing, due to the low profile, flat design when the shank and sweep are in the level position.

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exclusive.jpg (3565 bytes) Exclusive, patented depth adjustments are made easily, without wrenches, using the special 9400 adjustment tool.
Since the lever adjustments on the 9400 are patented, no other company can offer the 9400's ease and convenience.
The 20" smooth coulter and gauge wheels may be adjusted for depth in one of six possible positions set in 1" increments.
The share sweep point may be set in one of two positions to improve penetration in different soil conditions.
The adjustable torsion spring applies down pressure to provide additional penetration.
Gauge wheels are positioned close to the sweep to allow better depth control and to hold down trash, so the coulter can cut through it.
The 9400 special adjustment tool and tool holder are standard equipment.

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