Sukup offers two types of guidance systems -- one pivoting and one sliding.

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Guidance Systems

Sukup has two guidance systems to choose from in order to provide you with the system that will work best with your equipment and farming operation. The Sukup Auto Guide is a pivoting guidance system. The Sukup Slide Guide is a sliding guidance system. Both systems feature the best electronics in the industry and top quality Sukup components.

The Sukup Auto Guide is a pivoting guidance system for use on implements with fixed coulters.

The Auto Guide allows you to travel faster, while at the same time, preventing cultivator blight.
Makes an expert out of an inexperienced operator.
Exclusive Power Top Link easily adjusts the pitch and depth of the unit.
Power Top Link also makes hitching and unhitching a snap.
The Auto Guide is equipped to automatically center itself at the end of the row.
Mercury switch automatically puts the hitch into the manual mode when the implement is lifted to eliminate erratic movement of the implement while it is in the raised position.


Sukup Guidance Systems include only the finest electronics housed in a totally-sealed, water-tight and dust-tight control box. All electrical components are mate-and-lock type to prevent moisture damage and dirt infiltration.
The in-cab, lighted control box displays the location of the implement, doubles as a hitch and wand calibration tool and allows nighttime operation.
The sealed control box also comes equipped with diagnostic lights for monitoring system operations.
All Sukup Guidance Systems are pre-calibrated, so you don't have to waste time calibrating the unit yourself.
Sukup also furnishes Pioneer couplings with each guidance system, so your Sukup Guidance System is ready for immediate use.

The Sukup Slide Guide is a sliding guidance system, which excels on pull-type and conventional tillage equipment.

The sliding action of the Slide Guide eliminates the need for stabilizing coulters.
The Slide Guide gives you a full 20" of side-to-side movement.
The electric eye, photo cell feedback system and heavy-duty cam rollers provide smooth, friction-free movement of the hitch and implement.
The Slide Guide uses the same electronics as are used on the Sukup Auto Guide, so their accuracy, durability and reliablity are well tested.
All Sukup Guidance System components are manufactured in-house, so Sukup can ensure their quality.
The implement side of the Slide Guide is a true quick hitch, so hitching and unhitching is simple.
The spring-loaded latches allow you to hook to an implement without leaving your tractor. And, there are no bolts or pins to contend with.

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