Sukup Grain Bins are the first bins designed for the new Millennium.

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After nearly forty years of manufacturing grain bin accessories, Sukup Manufacturing Company has entered into production of their own line of grain bins. Sukup has been looking at bins from the inside out since the company began in 1963. They have seen what works and what needs improvement, and they used these observations and their years of gained knowledge to develop a bin that is easy to assemble and has many features farmers will appreciate.
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was the major contributor to the innovative idea of lowering the fastir strirring machine track to it's present position. Sukup bins are prepunched for fastir track on the tops of the corrugation instead of just (1) roof clip bolt, NOW with 2 bolts at each track bracket. This adds major strength to sidewall without any cost to the consumer. 
I'll pat myself on the back because it was my idea not theirs or any other bin mfg. and this is the only credit I will ever get!!!!
Sukup really had the farmer in mind when they designed their line of wide (4") corrugation farm bins with features like:

The largest manhole in the industry – the oval-shaped opening measures 20" x 35.5", making it a comfortable fit for most farmers and allowing over 5 square feet of air exhaust area, and it is reversible. manhole cover.jpg (74223 bytes)
The cap on the extra-large (38") fill hole is permanently mounted on steel rods to slide open and closed, which prevents it from being blown around on windy days.
Reversible inner and outer walk-in doors.

The top and bottom latches on the outer door are connected for one-hand operation.

Easy-open, Knuckle-Saver inner door latch handles.

No tie bars or cross-rods to unbolt or duck under.


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Sukup’s state-of-the-art production equipment ensures exact placement of the bolt holes in the sidewall sheets, so the bins go together quickly and seal up tight. Sukup also designed their sidewall sheets to be reversible, making installation easier and error-proof. Sukup has further cut down erection time by pre-punching sheets for floor flashing and Fastir™ Stirring Machine track (both optional).

Sukup Manufacturing Company has been serving the agricultural industry since 1963. They offer a full line of grain drying and handling equipment including; centrifugal and axial fans and heaters, Fastir™ Stirring Machines, bin unloading equipment, bin floors and supports, out-of-bin continuous flow dryers, Cyclone pneumatic grain moving systems and aeration equipment. The company is located in Sheffield, Iowa, with distribution centers in Arcola, Illinois; Aurora, Nebraska; Defiance, Ohio; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Watertown, South Dakota.

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