The Sukup Grain Dryer features the exclusive Quad Metering Roll System for even grain drying and consistent moisture content.

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Sukup Manufacturing Company introduces the most advanced automatic grain dryer on the market.

The  Sukup Grain Dryer features a quad metering roll system and easy, computerized operation.

Sukup Grain Dryer Wins 1999 and 2000 AE50 Awards!!

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with the exclusive Grain Cross-Over System

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Quad metering roll system (patent pending) pulls the grain closest to the heat through the dryer faster, resulting in less over-drying, moisture variation and temperature variations.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The inner metering roll runs faster than the outer roll.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The metering roll speed is infinitely variable dependent upon the actual moisture content of the discharged grain.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The Sukup Grain Dryer does not use temperature variations to control the metering roll speed like other dryers. Sensors on the Sukup Dryer actually measure the moisture content of the grain, resulting in much more even moisture content.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Metering roll speed is adjusted based upon a three-minute average of the moisture content to ensure better moisture control.

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Sukup Quad Metering Roll System

Dryerc~3.jpg (5839 bytes) web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The Sukup Automatic Grain Dryer features the most advanced and user-friendly microprocessor controller on the market for trouble-free, no-hassle operation of the dryer.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) All controls, as well as the printer, are standard equipment.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The large, 4-line LCD read-out on the control panel provides prompts to lead the operator through all keyboard functions.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) An Optional stand for the control box on the Sukup Grain Dryer allows it to be remotely located, so it can be positioned for greatest convenience.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Control box designs include a double-sealed door system, and a large keyboard for easy operation, even when wearing gloves.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The printer records important operation data including; metering roll speed, moisture content of discharged grain, and temperature of discharged grain. If a safety shut-down occurs, the system supplies you with a print-out telling why the shut-down occurred.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The wet holding bin can be folded for transport and/or storage.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The Sukup Grain Dryer can fill from the front or rear of the dryer without taking the entire wet bin off. Simply reverse the motor and move the paddle switch and hopper to the opposite end.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Tapered hopper can accommodate 10" augers.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Air mixing chamber design provides more even heat distribution.

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web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) 4' x 20" Interior Access Door offers the most accessibility to metering rolls and auger of any dryer on the market.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Exterior threaded rod adjustment of the internal flow control gates allows you to easily adjust the dryer for different grain types.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Easy-to-handle single latch doors on the outside of the dryer allow for easy clean-out.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Sight glass at the rear of the dryer allows easy viewing of the burner.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Sample spout design is easy to use.

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AE50 Award

ASAE, The Society of Engineering in Agricultural, Food and Biological Systems, has awarded Sukup with the AE50 Award two years in a row.

In 1999, Sukup Manufacturing was award the AE50 Award for the patented Quad Metering Rolls, which are exclusive to Sukup Grain Dryers. The Quad Metering Rolls were chosen as one of the year's most innovative designs in engineering products for the agricultural industry.

In 2000, Sukup Manufacturing was awarded the AE50 Award for the patented Grain Double-Cross System found in Sukup Stacked Grain Dryers. Both the Quad Metering Rolls and the Grain Double-Cross Sytem work to equalize grain moisture content throughout the dryer, resulting in less overdrying and better grain quality.

Companies from around the world submit entries to the annual AE50 competition. Up to 50 of the best products are chosen by a panel of international experts to receive the recognition. The judges select products that best advance engineering for the food and agricultural industries.

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