Sukup Grain Drill Set-Up Tips

1. Check to see that the drive tires are set in the medium position of the floating drive wheel and gauge arm.

2. Remove hairpin from shipping position and place in top hole on all down pressure rods.

3. Set the seed rate according to the seed chart found on the hopper lid or in the owner's manual.

4. Check the seed rate per foot of row. Some seeds vary in size, which could change the seed rate. For proper seed rate, it's always best to check the population in the row.

5. Set depth on the coulter to cut the organic matter only. Do not run the coulter deeper than the seed depth! In some soils the coulter can become the depth control if run too deep.

6. In order to establish correct seed placement, set three openers on the drill initially; one on each end and one in the middle. When the three openers are running at the correct depth and closing satisfactorily, set all other openers accordingly.

7. If after you set the down pressure, the drill is planting too shallow, add weight.

8. Do not set the drill with a full hopper of seed. Seed is a diminishing weight and as it decreases, so does your down pressure. If you set the drill with an empty hopper, your down pressure and penetration will remain consistent, no matter what the seed weight.

9. Set the harrow at 45o or greater. If organic matter builds up in the harrow teeth, decrease the angle of the teeth.

10. When changing fields, be sure to recheck the depth. Soil conditions may change and some adjustments may be needed.

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