Sukup Auto Guide Guidance System operating tips.

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Auto Guide Set-Up Tips

See Auto Guide owner's manual for complete information and safety precautions.

  1. Use correct pins for tractor (Cat. II - 1 1/8", or Cat. III - 1 7/16")
  2. Place sway blocks in upper position so unit has a minimum of 4" travel at sway blocks when in working position (consult tractor owner's manual for proper operation of sway blocks).
  3. Control box must have 12V to operate properly.
  4. Check tractor owner's manual for hydraulic hook-up.
  5. Set flow control on tractor to lowest setting which still lets hitch move smoothly from side to side (Auto Guide system requires less than 2 GPM).
  6. Set control box to manual. Dial manual knob left and right. Does hitch travel equally both directions? Dial manual knob to 0. Does hitch center? If not, refer to owner's manual, Hitch Calibration section. Hitch should take 6 to 7 seconds to make full travel from one side to the other. If not, see Hydraulic Operations section of manual to set speed.
  7. For field operation, set knobs and switches as follows:
  8. Make sure wand box is directly over row for one-row sensing and centered between rows for two-row sensing.
  9. Attach the mercury switch to the top link arm as shown in the owner's manual. Adjust angle so unit switches from automatic to manual when 3-point is raised halfway.

Note: Store guidance system and wand box in a dry location. Lubricate every 10 hours of use.

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