Sukup aeration equipment includes Green Arch Aeration Duct, Spiral Lock Tubing, Flush Floor systems and, of course, Sukup Fans.

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green_arch.jpg (10406 bytes) web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Green Arch™ half-round aeration ductwork (20") offers 39% more cross-section area than conventional 12" tubing.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Green Arch™ aeration duct is corrugated for extra strength.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Available solid or perforated in 20" or 30" width at base.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Greater air delivery is allowed through the 13% perforated open area.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Unique arch design allows ducts to be nested in a compact pile, so Green Arch™ requires 1/5 the storage space of round duct.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Green Arch™ installs quickly and easily.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) For use with pressure aeration only. Not for suction systems.

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web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Spiral Lock™ Tubing is available solid or perforated.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) All Spiral Lock™ Tubing is corrugated for extra strength.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Spiral Lock™ Tubing features unique, smooth punched slots for easier handling

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web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Available in 12", 15", 18" or 24" diameters.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) 4', 10' or 20' lengths.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) 16, 18 or 20 gauge galvanized steel.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Connect with angle ring or connector sleeve.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) For suction or pressure systems.

Sukup Hawk Cut™ Flooring Planks may be used to form a flush floor aeration system. As a matter of fact, they are the backbone of a successful flush floor system. Flush floor systems are an economical approach to aeration that allows easier grain removal than "above floor" ductwork.

For even better airflow distribution, install a square pad system, using Sukup Hawk Cut™ planks. For the ultimate in aeration, use a full Hawk Cut™ Floor.

Sukup Power Roof Exhauster

A Sukup Power Roof Exhauster will help to improve the efficiency of your aeration system and will also help remove moisture from the bin roof. A Power Roof Exhauster pulls air from the top of the bin to increase airflow through the grain. A Power Roof Exhauster also reduces the number of openings needed to exhaust air.

bulletSukup Fans and Heaters for aeration and drying applications.
bulletFANtastic Sukup Fan airflow ratings.
bulletSukup Hawk Cut Bin Flooring.

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