Sukup Advertising Schedule

Sukup very actively and aggressively advertises in national and local agricultural publications. Below is a schedule of the ads for Sukup equipment, which will be appearing in upcoming issues. Ads listed as "co-op" contain listings of Sukup dealers in the area in which the ad is running.

December 2001

Issue Date


Featured Product

12/01/01 Successful Farming Fans & Heaters
12/01/01 Farm Journal Grain Bins
12/15/01 Successful Farming - Top Shops issue Grain Bins
12/14/01 Delta Farm Press Fans & Heaters
12/19/01 Southeast Farm Press Fans & Heaters
12/21/01 Delta Farm Press Grain Bins
12/28/01 Delta Farm Press Fastir Stirring Machine

January 2002

1/1/02 Successful Farming Grain Dryer
1/1/02 Iowa Wallaces Farmer Bin Floors & Supports
1/1/02 Illinois Prairie Farmer Bin Floors & Supports
1/1/02 Nebraska Farmer Bin Floors & Supports
1/1/02 Soybean Digest Fans & Heaters
1/1/02 Farm Industry News Fastir Stirring Machine
1/15/02 Iowa Wallaces Farmer Grain Bins
1/15/02 Illinois Prairie Farmer Grain Bins
1/15/02 Nebraska Farmer Grain Bins
1/15/02 Indiana Prairie Farmer Grain Bins
1/17/02 Successful Farming - Corn Farmer Grain Bins


2/1/02 Successful Farming Fastir Stirring Machine
2/1/02 Iowa Wallaces Farmer Grain Dryer
2/1/02 Illinois Prairie Farmer Grain Dryer
2/1/02 Nebraska Farmer Grain Dryer
2/1/02 Indiana Prairie Farmer Grain Dryer
2/1/02 Farm Industry News Fans & Heaters
2/1/02 Better Farming (Ontario, Canada) Grain Bins
2/1/02 Soybean Digest Grain Bins
2/15/02 Successful Farming Unloading Equipment
2/15/02 Iowa Wallaces Farmer Fans and Heaters
2/15/02 Illinois Prairie Farmer Fans and Heaters
2/15/02 Nebraska Farmer Fans and Heaters
2/15/02 Farm Industry News Grain Bins



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