The new Stacked Grain Dryer from Sukup Manufacturing Company features the exclusive Grain Cross Over System for consistent grain moisture content and top-quality dried grain.

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Stacked Continuous Flow Grain Dryer

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The Sukup Stacked Continuous Flow Grain Dryer features the exclusive (patent pending) Grain Cross Over System to help minimize overdrying and balance the moisture content of dried grain. This exclusive, innovative system switches the grain from one side of the dryer to the other as it passes from the upper module to the lower.

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web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The Sukup Stacked Grain Dryer also features Sukup's patented Quad Metering Roll System (two metering rolls per column) in the bottom module.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) The Quad Metering Roll System pulls the grain closest to the heat down the column faster than the outer grain, preventing overdrying and resulting in more even moisture content. (U.S. Patent #: 5,992,044)

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Virtually all operations of the Sukup Stacked Grain Dryers are performed and monitored from one control box located at ground level.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) Advanced computerized controls are standard on all Sukup Grain Dryers, and the stacked units are no exception.

web_bullet.jpg (678 bytes) All system inputs, outputs and trouble-shooting are handled from one control panel.

Stacked Dryer Specifications




Dryer Size





20' (2) 15hp (1) 30hp 230 or 460 LP or NG 3
" (2) 15hp (2) 15hp 230 or 460 LP or NG 3
24' (2) 20hp (1) 40hp 230 or 460 LP or NG 3
" (2) 20hp (2) 20hp 230 or 460 LP or NG 3


Stacked Dryer Capacities

Dryer Size

Full Heat ** Capacity*

Heat & Cool Capacity*

5 pt.
10 pt.
5 pt.
10 pt.
20' 2020 bu/hr 1250 bu/hr 1380 bu/hr 860 bu/hr
" 2020 bu/hr 1250 bu/hr 1380 bu/hr 860 bu/hr
24" 2450 bu/hr 1525 bu/hr 1670 bu/hr 1030 bu/hr
" 2450 bu/hr 1525 bu/hr 1670 bu/hr 1030 bu/hr


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