Self Powered Swing Hopper

Self Powered Swing Hopper

(Shown here with optional riser tube support stand)


Also available in hydraulic drive. Please contact your nearest dealer or call the factory for assistance. Accessories for Self Powered Swing Hopper, Click Here.


Product# Description Horse Power Estimated Weight
00174 6" To 8" Swing Hopper-Electric Drive 2 276
00175 8" To 10" Swing Hopper-Electric Drive 3 346
00193 6" To 8" Swing Hopper-Hydraulic Drive * 276
00194 8" To 10" Swing Hopper-Hydraulic Drive * 346


* Hydraulic drive comes standard with mount and flex coupling to install motor with 1" shaft and 4 bolts on a 3.25 diameter circle. Hydraulic motor not included, see product  #00195.

Hydraulic motor is a Char-Lynn Model 101-1002. Requires 10 GPM flow at 800 to 1000 PSI.




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