Motor Information

Combustion Equipment Company hopes you never have problems with your CECO fans motor, however, we understand some situations will warrant information regarding repair or service. Please read and follow these steps:

Step 1-

If you feel your fan motor is under warranty, review CECO's Limited Warranty Policie, Click Here.


Step 2-

Regardless if your motor is under warranty or not, contact your dealer as soon as possible for help.


Step 3-

It is required by LuffLand Industries that your motor be reviewed by the manufactures certified motor repair shop, and that report be turned over to the dealer or direct to LuffLand Industries before a motor is deemed warrantable by LuffLand Industries.

Please use the following links to find the repair shop closes to you.


To find the authorized Baldor repair shop neatest you, .

All Century/Magnetec owners, call the following toll free number to find the nearest repair shop: 800/624-6389.



Ask your motor shop or dealer to fax this report to, 816/690-4386. 


CECO Links:

To view CECO Polices and Conditions of Sale, Click Here.


Need to find the nearest dealer to you?

For More Information Contact:

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Tel: 417 682 5551 or 800 283 7107
FAX: 417 682 3987