Jet Flow Grain Bin Loading Equipment

Carrier Mounted Augers Page 

Jet Flow carrier mounted augers (CMA) are designed to work with grain bins as large as 42' x 26'. Adding a Jet Flow roof auger will allow you to go even higher.

Also be sure to view CMA Auger Accessories Page.


Roof Augers Page

Use roof augers to support and extend the capable height of your carrier mounted auger. Augers include proper roof mounting brackets and hopper with hinged lid. See statistics at the bottom of this link for further information.


Self Powered Swing Hoppers Page

Jet Flow self power swing hoppers are designed to work with your carried mounted auger, or stand alone to unload a hopper belly truck. Self powered augers are offered in both motor and hydraulic drive.  Six to eight inch drives have 1500 bushel per hour capacity. Eight to ten inch drives have a 2500 BPH capacity. 



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