The following products and service are provided by Jet Flow Grain Augers, a division of LuffLand Industries. Click on the products that interests you the most. Please see bottom of this page to review products form another LuffLand division, Combustion Equipment Company.

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Bin Unloading Equipment:

Bulk Tank Augers

    4" & 6" BTA Catalog Page

            4" Drive Heads

            6" Drive Heads


     8" BTA Catalog Page

            8" Drive Heads


       10" BTA Catalog Page

            10" Drive Heads


Bin Well and Tube Systems


Bin Sweep Augers

    Bin Sweep Catalog Page


Horizontal Bin Unloaders

     HBU Catalog Page

            6" Drive Head Catalog Page

            8" Drive Head Catalog Page


25 Degree Unloaders

     25 Degree Catalog Page

         8" Drive Head Catalog Page

        10" Drive Head Catalog Page


Vertical Bin Unloaders

    VBU Catalog Page


Variable Height Bin Unloaders

    VHU Catalog Page

Bin Loading Equipment:    


Carrier Mounted Auger Page

        6" CMA Page

        8" CMA Page

        10" CMA Page

        CMA Accessories Page

        Photos of Carrier Mounted Augers

        Power Take Off Shaft Break Down Page

        Gear Box Break Down Page -6" & 8" Only


Roof Augers

        6" Roof Auger Catalog Page

        8" Roof Auger Catalog Page

        10" Roof Auger Catalog Page


Self Powered Swing Hopper