DX Centrifugal Heater

Centrifugal Heater with Optional Vaporizer 

The CECO DX Series direct ignition crop drying heater is the result  of years of distinguished service to agriculture. Extensive testing and user input have lead to the production of this flexible, durable and efficient heater.

    CECO's modified gun burner allows the widest range of heat settings; from even lower that the competition's low temperature units, up to over two million BTU! The DX handles your drying needs economically and efficiently.

    A dependable spark plug igniter lights the DX, and the flame is monitored by a burn-out protected flame switch and relay system. A purge timer and high limit cut-out round out the safety features and an indicator light is included to aid in troubleshooting. These heaters are designed for years of trouble-free operation and ease service.

    CECO uses only the very best components in the manufacture of the DX. Top quality calves, switches, really and transformers assure long life. Solenoid valves designed for the application assure reliable operation and your safety. High standards of fabrication, finish and assembly assure you always get your best value with a CECO product!

    CECO DX Series heaters are available in BTU ratings up to two million, for use with LP vapor, LP liquid or natural gas. Separate designs accommodate axial and centrifugal fans. A variety of options and accessories are available to meet your specific needs.

Use the chart below to find the right heater for your fan. Review the bottom of this page concerning vaporizers, natural gas, Hi-Lo Fire, auto controls, accessories and other options.


Heater Model

(1) (4)

Fits Model "F" Fans With Horse Power(2)











































(1) Complete model designation consists of the characters in this column, plus the suffix LPV, meaning, burning vapor propane or LPL, meaning with the vaporizer accessories to burn with liquid propane. Add the N designation for burning natural gas. Example: DX1200 for use of LP Vapor becomes DX1200LPV.

(2) Heater mounts via tabs to studs welded on the inlet side (upstream) of CECO Model "F" Centrifugal Fans in the horsepower size as shown. Heater may be adapted to other brands of fans with only minor field work. Consult your dealer.

(3) Housing diameter shown is nominal. Housing ID is approximately 1/4" larger.

(4) By adding a G to the model designation, the standard galvanized housing is then provided. CECO does not use bolts or a fastening system to join the main body of the housing together.  All housing are mig welded together to form a rigid structure which is restraint to high vibration. After the welding process, housings are hot-dipped forming a complete galvanized unit. This process is standard with all CECO heaters. If you prefer, we offer the following options.


Powder Coating: CECO offers powder coating service as an option over galvanizing. We powder coat all heaters white, with control panel lid black. No letter designation is used in the part number. Please specify this option with the dealer when ordering.


High Solids Paint: CECO offers a high solid paint service. Standard painted housing are premiered and then painted red (all so known as South East Red). Heater burner is painted a high heat silver. No letter designation is used in the part number. Please specify this option with the dealer when ordering. Other color schemes can be provided. Please have your dealer inquire at the factory.


Options for All CECO Heaters

Modulating Valve, adjusts gas flow to maintain constant drying temperature. Specify modulating valve temperatures range: 90-210 or 55-155. Add 10 lbs to the shipping weight.


Gas Line Strainer, for LP Vapor heaters. 3/8" line connections. Line strainers are standard on LP Liquid and Natural Gas heaters. Order this extra-cost option to add protection against foreign matter in LP Vapor supplies.


HI-LO Fire, maintains constant low flame in chamber, and cycles full-power HI-FIRE as needed. Includes TT-400 dual temperature control. Factory installed only.


Accessories for All CECO Heaters

*Click on accessory model number to view product on another page.

TC-100    Thermostat Control with Thermometer

HC-200    Humidistat Control with Thermometer

HT-3000  Combination Humidistat-Thermostat Control with Thermometer

HT-6000  HT-3000 with relay for controlling 2 heaters on the same bin

Vaporizer:  Converts existing CECO LP Vapor heaters to LP Liquid fuel. Approx. Weight: 30lbs


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