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9400 Series Cultivator Options

Sukup Ridging Wings

Exclusive Sukup Ridging Wings (patent pending) adjust without wrenches and can be tipped forward or back to control the placement of soil around the plant. The special spring-loaded adjustments make Sukup Ridging Wings the easiest on the market to adjust. The optional ridging wings are also pin-adjustable for width to control the amount of soil moved. And, the wings are easily removed for cultivating your non-bedding acres. Sukup Ridging Wings are an essential addition to your 9400 in crops like cotton and tobacco, where it's vital to get the right amount of soil up under the plant.


Open Top Shields

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Sukup Open Top Shields are independently mounted to allow better residue flow and to provide maximum protection for crops of all sizes. Optional spray shoes may be added to the shields for use in cotton.

Rotary Hoe Shields

Sukup Rotary Hoe Shields are available to remove weeds near the row while protecting small crops. The shields are open top to allow for use in all heights of crops. There are also pin-adjustable.

Optional Cut-Away Discs

Cut-Away Discs provide excellent weed control close to the row. And, like to rest of the features on the 9400, the Sukup Cut-Away Discs are easy to adjust. The discs are pin-adjusted for depth and position, depending upon soil conditions and crop size.

Double Toolbar



Lift Assist

Add a lift assist to your Sukup 9400 Cultivator to help out with larger units. The boxed design with two wheels gives maximum stability. A heavy-duty, massive double toolbar provides maximum strength and support for 12-row wide through 16-row narrow cultivators.

Tank Hitch

A telescoping tank hitch, with lift assist-type assembly, may be added to the 9400 for pulling fertilizer tanks.

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Stainless Steel Fertilizer Tubes

Optional Anhydrous Shank

Stainless steel fertilizer tubes may be added to the 9400 to place fertilizer below the soil suface next to the row, where it will be readily available to the plants. The Optional Anhydrous shank allows you to apply anhydrous while you cultivate.


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