The Exclusive, Innovative Grain Cross-Over System from Sukup Manufacturing Company minimizes grain moisture variation and improves dried grain quality.

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Sukup Grain Cross-Over System

(patent pending)

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Sukup has developed the Grain Cross-Over System (patent pending) to help eliminate overdrying and balance the moisture content of the dried grain in the stacked dryer configuration. This exclusive, innovative system switches the grain from one side of the dryer to the other as it passes from the upper module to the lower.

Switching sides balances moisture content two ways:

1. A cold, fall wind can greatly cool one side of the dryer, resulting in wetter grain and uneven drying. By switching the grain from one side of the dryer to the other, you balance out the exposure that each portion of grain has to these conditions.

2. With the Cross-Over System, the inner, hotter layer of grain in the top module becomes the outer, cooler layer in the bottom module, which prevents the grain from overdrying and gives more consistent moisture content. The Grain Cross-Over System reduces variation in moisture content between the inner and outer portions of the columns, as well as between the two sides of the dryer.

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