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   Auger Flighting, Auger straightening, Auger rebuilding, and Repairs
over 500 sizes in stock
Pipe and Tubing in over 100 sizes
Custom built augers for industrial, commercial and agricultural use
We stock many 4", 6", 8" Augers with head kits in 12', 17', 22' Basic augers and 5', 10', 15', 20'

New flighting-Rebuilding-Straightening

Washburn's Machine shop builds, straightens and reflights many types of conveyors
See Washburn for custom auger fabrication
Both Small & Large Projects are welcome

We stock
*3" to 16" diameter flighting
*Many core or shaft sizes for each diameter flight
*Both Right and Left hand twist
*Continuous spiral
*Sectional: extremely heavy duty(one wrap at a time)
*Bar wrap
Stainless available
heliocoil spiral auger flighting conveyor screw repair heliocoil spiral auger flighting conveyor screw repair heliocoil spiral auger flighting conveyor screw repair

Only four things to know when selecting auger flighting

*Outside Diameter of flighting (not tube size)
*Inside diameter (Core Size)
*Length of pitch (from 1 flight to next)
*right or Left hand twist or pitch


Super edge auger flighting is available

When we restock we order Super Edge

                                   heliocoil spiral auger flighting conveyor screw repair


Auger with speed reduction

JD 9610 Tank loading auger with 1/2" thick flighting will last a long time compared to original

Call us at 800 283 7107 for a quote for your project. Ask for Alan or Scott
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For farm grain storage use we have complete units and parts for the following types: sweep, power sweep, transport auger, transport auger repair, unloading auger, utility auger, and vertical auger