Sukup 9420 Narrow Row Cultivator for 20" and wider rows.

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9420 Narrow Row Cultivator

The Sukup 9420 features the same easy adjustments and ability to cut through tough residue as the tremendously popular Sukup 9400 Cultivator, but it's adapted for use on narrow 20" and wider rows.

A single tire runs against the large 20" coulter for depth control. This design allows the 9420 to pass between narrow rows without trampling the crop.
The tire is positioned as close to the sweeps as possible for optimum depth control.
The single tire arrangement is also ideally suited to ridge till or bed conditions, since the tire will ride down the center of the valley, rather than on the edge of the ridge.
A smaller sweep share arrangement allows you to cultivate between narrow rows without fear of pruning roots. (Wide standard sweeps are also available for rows 30" and up.)
The 9420 also features the patented, wrenchless depth adjustments that have made the Sukup 9400 so popular.
Most adjustments on the 9420 can be made without the use of wrenches by using the specially-designed tool which comes standard with the 9420. The gauge wheel, 20" coulter and down pressure springs can all be adjusted for optimum performance in different field conditions using the adjustment tool.
The shank on the 9420 may be moved forward or back, changing the angle of penetration by 2o increments. The share sweep point is also adjustable.

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