Sukup 9400 High Speed Cultivator with ridging wings is an essential tool in the production of tobacco.

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Cultivating tobacco requires a versatile cultivator which can adjust quickly and easily to the different conditions of each growing stage. The Sukup 9400 is that cultivator.

Use one cultivator from beginning to lay-by.
The Sukup 9400 Tobacco Cultivator features the easiest adjustment of any cultivator available.
Each 9400 Cultivator comes equipped with a special adjustment tool which is used for making depth adjustments.
The gauge wheels located on both sides of the coulter can be adjusted to control the depth of the sweep.
The 20" smooth coulter may also be adjusted for depth with the adjustment tool. There are six possible positions, set in 1" increments.
Optional ridging wings cut chemical costs and put the best soil where it's needed the most
The Sukup 9400 Cultivator helps to maintain a perfect tobacco bed. The 9400 creates a bed with furrow bottoms that are firm and ridge shoulders that are uniform, both of which are important for using automatic harvesting machines.
The Sukup 9400 cultivates under the bed to loosen the soil under the root zone, so feed roots can grow in abundance, enabling the plant to grow larger leaves, stronger stalks and a better root system to stand more wind during bad weather.

Ridging Wings are the single most imporant option on a tobacco cultivator. The Ridging Wings on the Sukup 9400 are easy to adjust and will do more for your cultivating job than anything else. The main purpose of the Ridging Wings is to maintain the bed needed for tobacco. The low profile sweeps prepare the soil, so the ridging wings can spoon feed the best soil to the crop. Ridging wings will also cut down on your chemical costs because they kill the grasses and weeds growing between the rows.

Patent# 5,787,991

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