This page provides helpful tips to properly prepare a Sukup 9400 Cultivator for field use.

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9400 Cultivator Set-Up Tips

  1. Remove float pins from lift arms of tractor.

  2. Shorten tractor lift arms to the shortest setting.

  3. If not using a quick hitch you will need spacers on 3-point pins.

  4. If cultivator has a lift assist, the top mast must be allowed to float (remove top pin).

  5. Set down stop for 3-point on tractor so cultivator parallel arms are level.

  6. Adjust top link so tool bar is level.

  7. If the ground is very hard, set point to the most aggressive setting.

  8. There are three settings for pitching the shank. If you want to leave the ground level, you will have to be in the back hole.

  9. Coulter adjusting should be started in the second hole from the bottom. Always be 1/2" below the point.

  10. Down pressure should be started in the top hole on all gangs except behind the tractor tire. Behind the tire, set in the third hole.

  11. For depth adjustment start in the second hole down. Now start by lowering the cultivator to the ground and then lengthening the tractor's top link until the shares are 2" in the ground.

  12. Regarding speed -- start off at a slower speed and, as you get the cultivator adjusted for depth, increase your speed as ground conditions allow.

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Things to Remember

  1. Pin the wings on folding bars.

  2. If using an Auto Guide you sometimes need to run the coulters deeper.

  3. On side hills you may need to run the coulters deeper.

  4. If you run the coulters too deep, they may cause slabbing.

  5. Don't cultivator any deeper than necessary because you may waste moisture. The deeper you go, the more slabbing. It takes less power at a more shallow setting. If you go too deep, you undercut the weeds and they reroot and regrow.

  6. If you throw more dirt in the row than you like, lengthen the top link a turn and set the gauge wheels a hole more shallow.

  7. When the shares are worn out, it is very difficult to get the cultivator to go in the ground.

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