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Sukup 230 Opener Drills

230.jpg (7076 bytes) The Sukup 230 Opener Drill has a parallel linkage style opener, which is ideal for minimum till and stale seed bed conditions. The 230 Opener has down pressure springs which are adjustable from 100 lbs to 700 lbs for varying conditions.

The parallel linkage keeps the seed drop level and more consistent than conventional style openers which hinge from the front.
Optional outside blade scraper may be added to prevent soil from sticking to the opener blades and keeps it in the seed furrow where it belongs.
The 15" diameter, heavy-duty discs are off-set to minimize hair-pinning and maximize penetration.
The rear press wheel assembly doubles as a depth control wheel and closing wheel. The wheel is located closer to the double disc opener for better depth control.

The standard closing wheel is soft in the center to aid in closing the seed furrow, and to prevent compacting the soil around the seed.
The rear wheel on the 230 pivots to allow it to remain centered over the seed furrow at all times, and to reduce wear and tear on the unit.
Sukup 230 Openers are made from an all-welded steel construction to stand up in difficult conditions. They also feature hardened steel bushings within spring steel bushings throughout to ensure longer life.

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